What we do

What we do is simple, and it’s in the name. We take the stress out of car rental.

Like the public, we got fed up of seeing people having their trips spoiled by unexpected car hire costs - some of which can be unreasonable. So we set up a business to do things differently.

Our car hire comparison and booking website does so much more than compare prices and book rental cars. Here's why!

Complete transparency about rental costs

With Stress Free Car Rental, you'll always know in advance what you need to pay for, when, and how. There are no hidden costs to creep up on you at any time. We're totally clear up-front about each car hire company's insurance excesses and/or security deposits, for example. So you can rent a car with confidence, every time.

We offer cheap car hire - but without the catch

We negotiate cheap car hire prices on your behalf, but only with brands you can trust. And we offer this reliable, affordable car hire across the UK as well as in popular destinations such as Spain, the USA, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.

We provide a choice of excess insurance

For the vast majority of the hire cars you can book via our website, we offer you a choice of EITHER:

So now you can make an informed choice about the cover you want – well in advance, and with no pressure.

We hate car hire jargon as much as you do

Excess reimbursement? Damage liability? Collision damage waiver? Theft liability? Personal accident? It's all a bit confusing – as is what's included in your cover (and what's not). So we explain the terminology and what it means for you, and we explain how car hire works.

We offer helpful, friendly customer service

There are real people behind our website, and they really want you to have a great trip. You can contact them by email at help@stressfreecarrental.com.

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