Why we are different

Whether you've experienced it yourself or just read about it, car hire insurance can be a big problem. We got tired of seeing people ripped off, so we started a business to deliver fairness, clarity and transparency. That's why we never use small print to hide things like large security deposits and excess amounts.

Our pricing always includes additional charges such as young/old driver fees and late/early drop-off fees.

We only offer 'full to full' fuelling: pick up the car with a full tank, bring it back with a full tank and nothing more to pay. Because although bringing your tank back empty may seem convenient, car hire companies usually charge very high refuelling fees, which will cost you far more than if you'd refilled the tank yourself.

We give full refunds on car hire right up until 48 hours before collection. Just give us a call and we'll sort it out. No need to explain, no hassle.

If you buy our own insurance package (that's the 'Essential cover' column in the insurance bit, once you've started your booking) but then change your mind, just tell us. We'll refund you right up until you collect the keys. No need to explain, no hassle.

We've put a lot of effort into making your car hire booking as quick and easy as possible. There are loads of filtering options, everything's explained, and all your key information is summarised on each page.

If you see ludicrously cheap car hire on another car hire comparison website (like 27p a week), remember you get what you pay for. There's always at least one catch, and unfortunately people do have problems.

Look carefully at the Trustpilot reviews for other car hire comparison websites. If they have just 2 kinds of review (either very short and very similar 5-star reviews, or very long and very angry one-star reviews), with nothing in-between, ask yourself why.

Our website is secure (see the 's' after http in our web address?) and we have McAfee and TrustedSite security certificates. This means your information, your payment details and your booking are all protected.

We're open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, to handle your calls and emails. Our website chat function is automated but if it can't answer a specific query quickly, it soon switches over to human contact.

We partner with the world's leading car hire companies, like Enterprise, Hertz and Europcar. However, there are some we just won't work with, because we know you won't get a good price or a good experience.

We're the only price comparison website that lets you choose to add on the car rental company's own insurance when you book your car. That's the 'Premium cover' column once you've started your booking with us. This means you can weigh everything up in advance and there are no unpleasant surprises on collection – like being pressured to buy extra cover when you already have some.

If you book an American rental car through us, there's no excess. So there's no need to pay to protect it.

If you're in the UK and you use a car hire comparison website based overseas, and you have a problem, you're dealing with a different legal jurisdiction. That can make it very difficult to get the justice you deserve.

We don't like to be beaten. If you find the same hire car at a lower price on another website, we'll match it. To claim, fill in our price-match form and we'll get back to you.
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