Premium Cover

Excess protection insurance from your car hire company

We're the only price comparison website to be able to offer you, in advance, the option of buying the excess protection insurance policy offered by your car hire company.

This means you can buy it from us, at the time of booking, knowing the price and what's covered. Otherwise, you'd buy it when you collect the rental car, without knowing those things in advance. This gives you more choice plus the chance to save money by building this cost into your decision about which car and which car hire company to go for.

What are the benefits of buying this insurance in advance?

  • Premium Cover reduces your excess to zero. So if you have a bump, crash, scrape, fire, flood or theft, there's simply no excess to pay
  • Some car hire companies' policies cost more than others. We show you the costs when you're searching, helping you to weigh up the overall price and to decide which car and which company to go for. So you get more choice
  • In the same way, you can weigh up the cost and cover of this insurance (provided by the car hire company) versus other options, such as our Essential Cover. Again, this means you get more choice over what you pay and what you get
  • Buying in advance can help spread the cost of your trip.
  • Sometimes, customers can feel pressured if they get to the car rental counter and the agent suggests they buy the car hire company's own cover. Buying it in advance takes away that pressure, because you'll already have chosen it for yourself.

What is excess protection insurance?

When you hire a car, it's already insured – but there's an excess. This is the maximum amount you'd have to pay yourself if the car hire suffers damage, theft or fire. In Europe, the excess is usually between £1,000 and £3,000*. You could save a lot of money by insuring that excess because it'll get reimbursed if you have to pay any or all of it. Excess insurance also covers you for other things you'd have to pay for otherwise, which might include lost keys or misfuelling (cover varies according to each individual car hire company).

How do you know what's covered?

Premium Cover is the policy offered by the car hire company, so they all differ. When you see ‘Premium Cover' in the insurance section of our booking process, click on the link underneath to the policy wording; this tells you what's covered, and what isn't, in each case.

Do you have to buy the car hire company's insurance?

You're under no obligation to buy the car hire company's own excess insurance policy: it's a matter of choice. Alternatively, you might have your own annual excess reimbursement policy. Or you could buy Stress Free Car Rental's standard policy, Essential Cover, which provides all the excess protection you need plus with other benefits.

How can you buy Premium Cover?

When you search for a rental car on our website and then ‘View deal' on a particular car, Premium Cover will usually appear as an option in the insurance section. However, for geographical or partner reasons, this cover doesn't always appear (excess cover isn't required in the USA, as one example).

Can you rely on this cover?

Yes, you can. The cover is always sufficient for the excess on the car you book, and it's been negotiated by the car hire company (usually with a major global insurer) to protect the company's customers.

* All our USA rental cars come with zero excess.

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