13 Seater Hire in Dirranbandi for self drive or with a driver

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If you're planning a business trip with a group or a family vacation, we compare a wide variety of affordable 13 seaters for rental in Dirranbandi, from brands you can trust including Enterprise, Alamo, Europcar, Hertz and many more, we're certain to include an 13 seater rental for self drive or with a driver that meets your needs .

All of the 13 seaters on our website include a price match guarantee and free cancellation. This means you can change your mind and cancel your rental with a full refund up to 48 hours before you collect the vehicle.

Want to hire a 13 seater without a credit card? We compare all of the payment options allowing you to pick up your 13 seater hire with a a debit card instead. You can use the filter section on the search results page to find these options.

Stress Free Car Rental's Premium cover option

Premium insurance is the highest option for 13 seater hire cover we offer.

Lots of our clients choose the Premium Cover option when they're are hiring a vehicle because it usually reduces the excess to zero meaning that you have no large security deposit or vehicle rental insurance excess risk. Customers can also often pay with debit cards with Premium Cover if credit card is a problem.

13 Seater Hire in Dirranbandi with a Driver

If you'd like to hire an 13 seater with a driver for your trip, we compare all of the options for rental with a driver. Most of the options for rental with a driver are available on request. This means the booking process is slightly different than for self-drive 13 seater rentals. When you request a quote on our website for your with driver rental, you'll receive a quote via email within 24 hours. For the majority of 13 Seater rentals with a driver in Dirranbandi you'll be required to pay a deposit to secure the booking. The refund terms for the deposit vary by provider so we recommend checking the details before confirming your reservation.

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Top tips to discover a deal on your 13 Seater hire

Border crossing and one-way fees:

If you plan to drive your 13 seater over a border from Dirranbandi into a different country, additional fees are normally charged by the car rental company. Be careful to check the T&Cs for these fees before you book as they can be expensive. If you don't see them on our website, please get in touch with one of our car hire advisors and they'll be happy to help.

Consider the dates you're booking:

To find the best deals for your vehicle rental in Dirranbandi it makes sense to book in advance, especially during peak times like Summer holidays and easter. 13 seater rental can be in very high demand in the easter holidays and often the availability of larger vehicles is more restricted than many other types of car. If you change your mind or the price drops after you've booked your rental, we include free cancellation, this means you can cancel and rebook at any point until 48 hours before you collect the vehicle.

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Hassle free 13 Seater Essential insurance options

As well as being easy to use, friendly and of course, stress free, we also offer two different levels of insurance when you hire a 13 seater with us.

Essential cover doesn't cover things like loss of theft/damage to content in the vehicle, third party injury mechanical repairs, cleaning fees. For more info see the terms and conditions on the extras page of the website

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