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Guernsey frequently asked questions

What's the best fuel policy for car hire in Guernsey?

All of our rentals in Guernsey include a full to full fuel policy. You'll pick the car up with a full tank of fuel and be asked to leave a small deposit for fuel when you collect the car. The deposit is refunded when you return the car with a full tank.

Can I cancel my rental in Guernsey if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel your booking with a full refund anytime up until 48 hours before you collect the car.

Is the car hire fully insured?

Car rentals in Guernsey are usually fully insured with an excess amount. You can either purchase Essential cover for the excess or choose Premium cover to reduce the excess amount to zero. We clearly explain all of the insurance details every step of the way.

What do I need when I collect the car in Guernsey?

To collect your car the lead driver should present a Valid driver's license, Passport or National Identity Card, Credit or debit card in the lead driver's name, Home and local (hotel, villa etc) address and a Booking confirmation email. Any other requirements at collection will be clearly explained in your booking confirmation email.

For my car rental in Guernsey, how can I reduce the insurance excess?

Security deposit amounts vary for each car rental supplier in Guernsey. You can easily find the lowest security deposit options using our search filters

Collecting your Guernsey Car hire without a credit card and other payment card options.

Pay with Visa, Mastercard or an American Express debit card or credit card issued by a bank or credit card company when hiring a car on our website.

One important thing to consider when deciding if you'd like to use a debit card on collection, car rental companies frequently hold an excess on the lead drivers credit card, the excess can be a large amount of money and if you opt to pay with a debit card this can be debited from your account and not refunded until weeks following you've returned the car.

Would you like us to accept payments with a method other than debit card and credit card? Feel free to contact us and let us know. We are open to ideas re how to enhance our service to make arranging your car rental as Stress Free as it can be.

Quite often, rentals that include the Premium Cover option enable you to use a debit card on collection without any extra charges. You're able to view if a debit card is allowed, along with all of the different car hire excess and insurance options on the second step of the booking process.

It's worth bearing in mind that quite frequently car rental partners that do accept debit card at the desk are more costly than car hire companies that accept credit card only.

It's good to understand the payment and currency options for your car hire in Guernsey, as payments for add ons (such as GPS and extra drivers) might have to be settled in the local currency (either in cash or by credit card) on vehicle collection.

We've made it really simple on the website to view which car hire partners can accept debit card. Just use the filters on the second page to compare the car rental brands will accept your card type when you pick up the car.

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Things to remember when driving away your vehicle rental

You'll have received car hire location collection instructions with your booking confirmation email. Take time to read through how to get to the vehicle rental collection location before you set off

If you've not already ,check the vehiclehire terms. There might be additional charges for crossing borders etc so make sure you understand these.

Always check the wheels and locks for issues as well. Locks and wheels are easy to miss if you are in a rush to begin your trip

Be sure to check the fuel type for the car and check which side of the vehicle the fuel cap is on

Beside the exterior, it's also recommended documenting any damage to the inside of the car and informing the vehicle hire provider prior to starting your trip

Spending some time to photograph and report any damage, whether internal or external, will help to prevent any problems with the vehicle hire provider when returning the car

All the rentals listed on the web site include a full to full fuel policy. We recommend that you check that the tank is full before you set off. If it isn't you must report this to the car hire company before driving away

Stress Free Car Rental's Premium cover

Premium insurance is the highest level of car hire insurance we provide.

Choosing Premium Insurance is completely optional, you can also decide to buy Premium Cover at the car hire counter, It is usually cheaper to book this up front on our website when you make your car rental booking.

Many of our clients decide to choose the Premium Cover option when renting a car because it usually reduces the excess to zero meaning that you have no large security deposit or car rental insurance excess risk. Customers can also often pay with debit cards with Premium Cover if using a credit card is a problem.

We want you to be able to make an informed decision regarding which car rental insurance product is right for you, we work closely with our car rental partners to give you the ability to buy a Premium cover product.

Tips for Driving your car hire at Guernsey

Before you start your journey spend some time to get used to the vehicle and its controls. This is especially important if you're used to driving a manual transmission on the other side of the road.

If you are given a traffic violation fine when driving in Guernsey the car hire provider will deduct this amount from the credit card you've placed on file. If this happens you will be notified by email when this has taken place

It can be daunting at first to hire a car in a foreign country, just relax and you'll soon find yourself used to the differences. Have a great holiday

When driving overseas many countries have very strict regulations regarding consuming alcohol when driving. To avoid any issues, we strongly recommend not to consume any alcoholic drinks at all when driving your car

If you'd like to leave the car in a alternative location to the place you picked it up from, all extra one way fees will be included in the pricing listed on the site.

Driving in Guernsey is on the right side of the road

When renting a car in Guernsey you're allowed to bring along a child seat provided that you purchased the seat within the EU or UK and it meets all of the required regulations. Alternatively, you can hire a child seat from the car rental company in the booking process on the site.

Car rental in Guernsey made simple

Stress Free Car Rental are based in Manchester UK and we are on a mission to make renting a car Stress Free for our customers

Extra drivers are available to book in advance on our website on step two of our booking process. In many cases you will pay for extra drivers on pickup.

Vehicle Models at each car hire location can vary. The car rental company will always provide you with a car that’s the same size in terms of body style, passengers and luggage capacity but the exact make may vary from the one displayed. If you require a particular make, at most car rental locations we provide options to reserve guaranteed models from selected suppliers . Use the filters on our website to find guaranteed model deals.

Car rental availability can change significantly at different times of the year. Christmas is an important thing to recognise that influences car rental prices. Factor this in when planning your rental in advance.

You can use the filters on the search results to find your perfect car rental, including rentals with an automatic gearbox, diesel engine and reduced security deposit options. only offer car rental that includes a full to full fuel policy. Full to full is always cheaper compared with the alternatives.

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We'll process your refund in under 24 hours. All rentals booked with us can be cancelled up until 48 hours before you collect the vehicle

All car hire brands on our website are following local government guidelines re vehicle sterilisation and social distancing at the collection desk.


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