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What are Stress Free Car Rental all about?

We work hard to make sure that car hire on holiday is easy!

If plans alter you can cancel or edit your rental agreement free of charge for up to 48 hours before you collect.

To be included on our site, all rentals have to include a fair full to full fuel policy and total clarity about security deposit and insurance costs.

Hire your vehicle now with no credit card fees or hidden payments.

Compare the best car hire prices in Malawi from brands you can trust, including Enterprise, Hertz and Keddy.

Our range of cars have cover for damage, theft and third party claims.

Driving your car hire at Malawi

Prior to setting off spend some time to get used to the vehicle and its controls. This is especially important if you're used to driving a manual transmission on the opposite side of the road.

If you receive a parking or speeding fine when driving in Malawi the car hire provider might take this amount from the credit card you've placed on file. If this happens you will be notified by email once this has been processed

If you're used to driving on the opposite side of the road be extra careful with roundabouts.

It's worth keep some loose change ready in the car to pay for toll roads. most toll roads will accept credit cards but it's always safer to have some change just in case

Things to check when driving away your car hire

You'll have received car hire location collection instructions with your confirmation email. Take time to read through how to find the car rental collection location before you set off

Whether you've purchased Essential excess cover on the web site or you have a different insurance policy, we recommend to take some time to check the vehicle for pre existing damage. We advise taking photos on your phone of each section of the vehicle. If there is damage on the car that is not mentioned in your hire agreement you must report this to the car rental company

Ensure you double check the fuel type for the car and check which side of the vehicle the filler cap is on

All of the cars listed on the web site include a full to full fuel policy. Always check that the tank is full before you set off. If it isn't you should inform the car hire company before driving away

Taking a little time to photograph and report any damage, whether internal or external, will help to prevent any issues with the car hire provider when returning the car

FAQs about car hire in Malawi

Are there any hidden charges in your prices for car hire in Malawi?

We work hard to make sure that the prices you see on our website for your car rental include all costs. Including anything you need to pay when you collect the car in Malawi

For my car hire in Malawi, how can I reduce the security deposit?

Security deposit amounts vary for each car rental supplier in Malawi. You can easily find the lowest security deposit options using our search filters

Can I cancel my booking in Malawi if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel your booking with a full refund anytime up until 48 hours before you collect the car.

What's the cheapest fuel policy for car hire in Malawi?

All of our rentals in Malawi include a full to full fuel policy. You'll pick the car up with a full tank of fuel and be asked to leave a small deposit for fuel when you collect the car. The deposit is refunded when you return the car with a full tank.

Looking for an SUV, a people carrier, minivan or convertible at Malawi?

We compare deals on a vast selection of car types and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small car to run around town, or perhaps a large SUV, a people carrier or a convertible for a road trip around | Malawi, we’ve got you covered.

From smaller SUVs such as the Rav4 or Jeep Renegade to larger SUVs like the Nissan Rogue and Ford Expedition , we have a huge selection for you to compare on the site before booking your rental in Malawi.

Looking to drive something a bit special whilst you are in Malawi? Stress Free Car Rental's Prestige Car Hire category compares car hire deals for prestige car brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Range Rover.

Travelling with more than 5 people? Stress Free Car Rental includes a variety of people carriers available in Malawi that easily accommodate 7 or 8 passengers. If you're travelling with more than 8 people (or for 8 passengers plus a lot of luggage) we recommend having a look at our range of rental minibuses.

We offer a vast selection of small cars, including Fiat 500s, Ford Kas, Nissan Micras and many more, perfect to drive around narrow city streets ,remember though, but don't forget you will have limited luggage space so be sure to pack light. .

If your luggage includes 2 large suitcases, we recommend taking a look at a rental in the Large Car category. Large cars have lots of of room for up to 5 people and several bags.

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All car hire brands on our website are following local government guidelines re vehicle sterilisation and social distancing at the collection desk.


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