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7 Seater Rental in The Hague for self drive or with a driver

Collecting your 7 Seater rental in The Hague with a debit card and other ways to pay.

You can use a American Express, Visa or a Mastercard credit card or a debit card provided by a bank or credit card company when booking your 7 seater on our website.

Don't forget that often 7 seater hire brands that do accept debit card on collection are not as cost effective as 7 seater hire companies that accept credit card only.

Would you like us to take payment using something other than credit card or debit card? Do contact us and let us know. We're always open to new ideas re how we can improve our service to make paying for your vehicle hire a Stress Free experience.

If you've included Essential or Basic Cover with your vehicle, this usually means that you'll be required to present a credit card in the name of the lead driver on collection of the vehicle. You'll usually be given the opportunity to purchase a top up policy by the hire company when you collect the vehicle, which then enables you to use a debit card in the name of the lead driver.

Top tips to find the best deal on your 7 Seater rental

One-way fees and border crossing:

If you'd like to drive your 7 seater across a border from The Hague into a different country, extra fees are normally charged by the car hire company. Always check the terms and conditions for these fees before you book as it can be quite expensive. If you can't find them on our website, get in touch with one of our car hire advisors and they'll be happy to help.

Excess and Security Deposit:

Always compare the amount you'll have to pay as a security deposit on your card. For cheaper 7 seater rentals, you'll have to leave a more expensive security deposit, this will be held on your credit card when you collect the car. You'll see the security deposit amount clearly displayed throughout our website.

Additional drivers and child seats:

You'll find the cost of extras on our extras page. Whenever available we have special deals, including extra drivers in the price. Where free extra drivers are available, you'll see them displayed on the search results page of website.

Factor in the dates you're booking:

To bag yourself a deal for your rental in The Hague it pays to book in advance, especially during peak times like school holidays and Christmas. 7 seater hire can be in high demand in the school holidays and the availability of larger vehicles is more restricted than most other types of car. If you change your mind or the price drops after you've booked your rental, we offer free cancellation, this means you can cancel and rebook anytime until 48 hours before you collect the vehicle.

Fuel and mileage policies:

If you're looking around for your vehicle rental on different websites, be sure to check the fuel policy and mileage allowance. Many other websites hide this away in the T&Cs. If you use more than the mileage allowance or hire a 7 seater with a full to empty fuel policy, you might be hit with some unexpected fees when you drop off the vehicle. We only offer full to full rentals in The Hague and we always clearly display the mileage allowance.

People Carriers and Large SUVs available to hire in The Hague

Seat Alhambra

Seat Alhambra
Category: People Carrier/Minivan
Great for: Long journeys are ideal for this people carrier given that the car is very well equipped, well built and has ample space, ensuring a comfortable journey, even when fully loaded. The back row of seats can even accommodate taller passengers. The huge windscreen provides the driver with a wide forward view. A 6.5 inch infotainment screen comes as standard.
Not so great for: Given the size of the Seat Alhambra, parking can be difficult but parking sensors do help. In terms of drive quality, the performance of the car can be somewhat inconsistent.
Most popular rental model and options in The Hague
  • Seats: 7 Passengers
  • Doors: 5 with dual sliding side doors
  • Dimensions: 4,854 mm L x 1,904 mm W x 1,740 mm H
  • Engine size: 1.4 L 4-cylinder
  • Horsepower: 150 hp
  • Gearbox: 6 speed Automatic/Manual
  • Fuel Type: Petrol/Diesel
  • Fuel Policy: Full to full
  • Average insurance excess: €1,450
  • Average security deposit: €1,420
Driving: All in all, driving the Seat Alhambra is pretty impressive. The vehicle handles well, given its size. The entry level 1.4 litre petrol engine is quiet and drives smoothly, the suspension is comfortable even over potholes.
Dimensions and fuel efficiency:
  • Boot space: 95 litres
  • Boot space with rear seats down: 2,430 litres
  • Miles per gallon: 7.8-8.3 l/100km combined. 8.4-8.9 city, 5.8-6.2 highway
  • Fuel tank size: 73 L
Passenger space: This 7 seater offers the most generous interior space compared with the other vehicles currently available to rent. The huge windscreen and large side windows make the car feel incredibly spacious. The rear sliding doors don't limit access and are great when parking in tight spaces.
Luggage capacity: Tons of space for luggage, even when configured with all seven seats, there is plenty of space for small bags and up to 2-3 small suitcases. With the back row of seats upright you will have enough room for at least 2 large suitcases. Cubbyhole storage is also included throughout to ensure a comfortable ride.
Overall rating: 7/10
Great to drive, offering plenty of comfort and space. As standard comes quite well equipped.

Stress Free Car Rental's Premium cover

Premium cover is the highest option for 7 seater hire insurance we offer.

Many of our customers choose the Premium Cover option when hiring a 7 seater because it usually lowers the security deposit for the excess to zero meaning that the customer has no large security deposit or vehicle hire insurance excess risk. Customers can also often collect the vehicle using debit cards with Premium Cover if credit card is a problem.

Choosing Premium Insurance is totally optional, you can also choose to buy Premium Cover at the collection desk, Sometimes it's less expensive to book this up front on our website when you make your 7 seater rental booking.

We want you to be able to understand all of the options relating to which 7 seater rental insurance product is right for you for your rental in The Hague, we work closely with our vehicle rental partners to provide you the ability to rent a vehicle including a Premium cover product.

Low Cost 7 Seaters in The Hague with a Driver

If you'd prefer to rent an 7 seater with a driver for your trip, we include all of the options for hire with a driver. Most of the alternatives for rental with a driver are available on request. 'On request' means that the rental process is different than it is for self-drive 7 seater rentals. When you request a quote on our website for your with driver rental, you'll receive a price via email in less than 24 hours. For the majority of 7 Seater rentals with a driver in The Hague you'll need to pay a deposit to secure the booking. The refund terms vary by provider so it's recommended to check the details before confirming your booking.

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Popular vehicle types in The Hague

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Would you like to hire a 7 seater with no credit card? We compare all the payment options enabling you to pick up your 7 seater hire with a a debit card. Use the filter section on the search page to find these options.

All of the 7 seaters on our website include free cancellation and a price match guarantee. You can change your mind and cancel with a full refund up to 48 hours before you collect the vehicle.

If you're trying to find a 7 seater rental with no excess and no deposit, take a look at our premium cover options. Premium Cover reduces the excess and security deposit on your vehicle rental (often to zero).

Our website only compares 7 seaters that come with a fair full to full fuel policy. You will pick up the vehicle with a full tank and drop it off full. A small deposit for fuel will be held on your credit card when you pick up the vehicle and refunded when you return it with a full tank. Look out for full to empty fuel policies you might see at a lower cost on other sites, full to empty usually means you should expect some expensive extra fees for fuel, so always check the terms and conditions for full to empty rentals.

If you are planning a business trip with a group or a family vacation, our website compares a huge variety of cheap 7 seaters for hire in The Hague, from brands you can trust like National and many more, we are sure to have an 7 seater option for self drive or with a driver that meets your needs perfectly.

Need help finding your rental in The Hague? Get in touch with one of our car rental advisors and we'll have you on the road in no time.

7 seater car hire insurance options:

Vehicle rental in The Hague is insured fully but with an insurance excess amount. You'll be offered the option to purchase an insurance policy to cover the excess when you make your booking. If don't insure the excess the amount blocked on your card could be at risk if the car is returned damaged or is stolen.