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7 Seater Hire in Graaff Reinet for self drive or with a driver

Why Stress Free Car Rental is different

There's a bucket load of reasons why we are different from our rivals but to start, it's important to understand that Stress Free Car Rental exists because of our frustration with the process of hiring a vehicle.

Stress Free Car Rental don't work with just any 7 seater hire firms. We're selective to only work with 7 seater rental brands you can trust.

The reason we do things differently is because we got annoyed with seeing people being hit with unexpected fees and felt like we could provide a better service.

Pricing on our website for rentals in Graaff Reinet includes additional fees that other websites don't usually display - this ensures that our service is as straightforward as it can be.

Stress Free Car Rental's Premium cover

Premium insurance is the highest option for 7 seater hire cover we offer.

Choosing Premium Insurance is totally optional, you can also choose to purchase Premium Cover at the vehicle hire desk, It might be less expensive to buy this up front on our website when you make your 7 seater hire booking.

You're able to buy Premium Cover along with your vehicle rental, so that you know the price of everything before you pay.

Many of our clients choose the Premium Cover option when they're are hiring a vehicle because it usually lowers the security deposit for the excess to zero meaning that the customer has no large security deposit or vehicle rental insurance excess risk. You can also often pay with debit cards with Premium Cover if credit card is a problem.

7 Seater Hire in Graaff Reinet with a Driver

If you intend to book an 7 seater with a driver for your trip, we compare all of the options for rental with a driver. The majority of the options for hire with a driver are available on request. 'On request' means that the booking process is different than for self-drive 7 seater rentals. Once you've requested a quote on our website for your with driver rental, you will receive a price via email within 24 hours. For most 7 Seater rentals with a driver in Graaff Reinet you'll be required to leave a deposit to confirm the reservation. The cancellation and refund terms vary by provider so we recommend checking the details before confirming your booking.

7 seater car hire insurance options:

Vehicle rental in Graaff Reinet is fully insured but with an insurance excess . You will be offered the option to buy an insurance policy to cover the excess on the extras page of our website. If decide not to insure the excess the amount blocked on your credit card could be at risk if there is any damage to the car or it's stolen.

Popular vehicle types in Graaff Reinet

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Top tips to find a deal on your 7 Seater hire

Mileage and fuel policy:

If you're comparing the options for your rental on different websites, be sure to check the mileage allowance and fuel policy. Many other websites hide this away in the terms and conditions. If you use more than your mileage allowance or hire a 7 seater with a full to empty fuel policy, you could face some unexpected charges when you drop off the vehicle. We only compare full to full rentals in Graaff Reinet and we always clearly display the mileage allowance.

Child Seats and other extras:

You'll find the prices of extras on the extras page. Quite often we have special promotions, including extra drivers in the price. When free additional drivers are available, you'll see them displayed on the search results page of website.

Security deposit and excess:

Be sure to check the amount you'll have to pay as a security deposit on your credit card. Often, for cheaper 7 seater rentals, you will be required to pay a much more expensive security deposit, this is held on your credit card when you pick up. You'll always see the security deposit amount clearly displayed throughout our website.

Border crossing and one-way fees:

If you intend to take your 7 seater across a border from Graaff Reinet into a different country, additional fees are usually charged by the car hire company. Be careful to check the terms and conditions for these before you book as they can be quite expensive. If you don't see them on our website, contact one of our car hire advisors and they'll be happy to help.

Factor in the dates you're booking:

To bag yourself a deal for your rental in Graaff Reinet it pays to book early, especially during peak times like Easter and Christmas. 7 seater rental can be in exceptionally high demand in the summer months and the supply of larger vehicles is more restricted than many other types of car. If you change your mind or the price drops after you've booked your rental, we offer free cancellation, so you can cancel at any point up until 48 hours before you collect the car.

Our website only compares 7 seaters that include a fair full to full fuel policy. You will collect the vehicle with a full tank and return it full. A small deposit for the fuel will be held on your credit card when you pick up the vehicle and refunded when you drop it off full. Beware of full to empty fuel policies you might compare at a lower cost on other websites, full to empty usually means you should expect some expensive additional fees for refuelling, we recommend to always check the T&Cs for full to empty rentals.

Need an additional driver? look out for special bundles on our site for 7 seater hire with free extra drivers included. These offers can save you money compared to paying for extra drivers when you pick up the vehicle. Don't want to drive? Check out our offers on 7 seater rentals with a driver

All of the 7 seaters on our website include free cancellation and a price match guarantee. This means you can change your mind and cancel your rental with a full refund up to 48 hours before you pick up the vehicle.

If you're trying to find a 7 seater rental with no deposit and no excess, take a look at our premium cover options. Premium Cover reduces the security deposit and excess on your vehicle rental (sometimes to zero).

Would you like to hire a 7 seater without a credit card? We compare all of the payment options allowing you to pick up your 7 seater hire using a debit card. You can use the filter section on our search results page to find these options.

Still confused? Get in touch with one of our car hire advisors and we'll have you on the road in no time.