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The top ten countries leading the electric vehicle race and setting the standard for lower carbon emissions has been revealed, and the UK is falling far behind in eighth position.

Britain managed to reach eighth place in the world top ten with electric vehicle sales of more than 430,000 and 13,500 public charging stations. These figures mean there is currently an electric vehicle on the road for every 154 people in Britain along with 32 cars for every public charging station.

Sales of petrol and diesel cars are to end in the UK by 2030 and around half the cars on our roads must be zero-emission by then if the government’s targets on carbon dioxide emissions are to be met.

Globally, electric vehicles have disrupted the transportation and technology industries. They have shown how important it is to find alternate sources of fuel and they can positively affect the environment and society as a whole.

For many, electric vehicles offer several benefits over petrol or diesel vehicles. Lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance bills, and zero or discounted car tax are just some of the ways that running costs are lowered.

They are more convenient, such as charging the vehicle at home, and some say they offer a better driving experience. Not to mention that it helps reduce the impact on the environment, such as lowering carbon emissions.

The Netherlands was found to be most advanced in the roll out of electric vehicle technologies followed by Norway and Sweden with France ranked in fourth place.

Our researchers looked at both electric vehicle sales per head of population and state investment in infrastructure and charging points to compile a definitive leader board of the countries showing the way when it comes to electric cars.

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The results are in...

This leaderboard tells us who is leading the race to become the first-ever electric vehicle only and setting the standard for lower carbon emissions.

Taking into account total sales of electric vehicles, person per electric vehicle, and electric vehicle per charging point, we ranked each country to help show who is leading the electric vehicle race.


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