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Wiber are a Spanish company found in Alicante, Malaga and Mallorca and a favourite of ours here at StressFreeCarRental. Like us, they only recently entered this industry after seeing far too many frustrated and confused customers who were unhappy with their car rental experience. In their own words, they want to be "...a new type of rent a car company that guarantees transparency, simplicity and clear conditions combined with a high level of customer care" – a perfect match for us!

Wiber are also bringing a fresh approach to technology to the industry by offering new solutions to get you to your vehicle quicker. From their "Smart Box" which allows you to collect your keys without queuing at the counter to fully contactless car hire which allows you to use your phone to go straight to the car.

Wiber really are a great choice for those customers who aren't regular hirers and don't want to worry about being caught out by any hidden fees and charges. For the ultimate stress-free experience, we also offer their "All Inclusive" product that gives you zero-excess on insurance claims and free use of their Express Line as you collect your vehicle.

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Rental car jargon explained

CDW (Collision damage waiver)

CDW (Collision damage waiver)
CDW covers the car for accident damage in the same way the insurance cover you usually have on your personal vehicle does. CDW includes an excess which you can choose to cover separately (See Excess reimbursement insurance). We also list car hire that include CDW with a zero excess

Fuel policy (full to full vs full to empty)

The hire cars on our site come with a full to fuel fuel policy.

You'll be required to pay a deposit for fuel on a credit card when you pick up the rental. Fill the car up and return it full and there's no additional fees for fuel.

You will see full to empty policies on some other websites that seem to be offering lower cost deals. Always check the small print for full to empty rentals as the refuelling and admin costs included with full to empty fuel policies always make it much more expensive than full to full .
Fuel policy (full to full vs full to empty)

Essential Cover

Excess Insurance
Choosing this policy means you'll be refunded for the excess you have to pay to the car rental company .

Excess insurance also tends to cover other potential costs, such as towing, cleaning or admin fees, or misfuelling fees.

Additional driver costs

A rental contract is between the car hire company and the one individual that signs the contract and will be the named driver. This requires that you will have to ask for other drivers to be added, and this usually comes with a cost ( can be up to £12a day ). We often list promotions that include extra drivers are free. Always be cautious of being asked if you'd like to include a driver without being told the cost.
Extra driver costs

Rental car excess

Hire car excess
For rentals outside of the US and Canada there is almost always an insurance excess held on your card* - this is similar to the excess on your own car in the UK. However, the excess on rental cars is high. It's usually in the region of £1,100 to £2,700. If you fail to insure the insurance excess amount you will be liable to pay for any damage to the car up to the excess . Check out the Premium Cover car rental options if you'd like to avoid having a large amount blocked on your card .

Third party liability insurance

Third party liability insurance provides protection in case you cause an incident. If you do, it might injure or kill others (for instance your passengers, people in other vehicles or pedestrians), or damage their property (their vehicle, house or possessions, for example). As legally they need to be covered, you could be responsible the cost of any damage, or treating injuries or covering their loss of earnings, as well as the third party's legal costs and any court costs.

Third party liability is subject to an excess, this means you'll have to pay the first part of any claim (normally between £800 to £2,000, varying dependent on the value of the car, the country and the deal). When you insure your excess amount, you'll be reimbursed for any or all of the excess amount you have to pay. Or if you take out Premium Cover, your excess is often reduced .
Third party liability insurance

Theft liability cover (theft protection)

Theft liability cover (theft protection)
It covers the amount due if the rental car is stolen. It is subject to an excess amount, this means you would have to pay the first part of any claim (normally between £800 to £2,750, depending on the deal, the car rental company and the location.

When you insure your excess with an excess reimbursement policy, however, you will be reimbursed for any or all of of the excess you pay (See essential cover). Or with Premium Cover the excess is often reduced.

Wiber frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my rental with Wiber if I change my mind?

Yes, you can cancel your booking with a full refund anytime up until 48 hours before you collect the car.

Are there any hidden charges in your prices for car rental with Wiber?

We work hard to ensure that the prices you see on our website for your car hire include all costs. Including anything you need to pay when you collect the car

Is the car hire fully insured?

Car rentals with SUPPLIER are usually fully insured with an excess amount. You can either purchase Essential cover for the excess or choose Premium cover to reduce the excess amount to zero. We clearly explain all of the insurance details every step of the way.

For my car rental with Wiber, how can I reduce the security deposit?

Insurance excess amounts vary for each car rental supplier. You can easily find the lowest security deposit options using our search filters

What do I need when I collect the car from Wiber?

To collect your car the lead driver should present a Valid driver's license, Passport or National Identity Card, Credit or debit card in the lead driver's name, Home and local (hotel, villa etc) address and a Booking confirmation email. Any other requirements at collection will be clearly explained in your booking confirmation email.

How to Hire with Wiber with a Low Security Deposit

How to Hire with Wiber with a Low Security Deposit

At the collection desk, you'll usually be asked to leave a security deposit on your debit card or credit card. Deposits can vary significantly dependent on the make and model of the car and the excess . Car rental Security deposits can vary between £50 and £2,200.

We compare all of the car hire options with a low security deposit and in some instances no deposit at all except for fuel. When you choose to reserve a rental with Premium Cover included, you're often able to reduce the deposit to cover only fuel (usually less than £100), this is refunded when the rental is returned with a full tank.

Hiring a Car with Wiber including Child Seats

You can take along your own child seats and booster seats for your vehicle rental, provided that they meet all of the legal safety requirements for use in your car hire location.

You will also be offered the opportunity to include them with your rental when making a booking on the website. Child seats and booster seats are paid for in the local currency when collecting the car. Although it's highly unusual for them to be unavailable, their availability is not guaranteed by most car rental companies

Hiring a Car with Wiber including Child Seats

How to find Wiber Car Hire with a Free Additional Driver

How to find Wiber Car Hire including a Free Additional Driver

You can find offers on our website which include a free additional driver bundled into the price. You can use the filters on the search results page to find bundled extra driver deals. It's also possible to add an additional driver on the extras page before you enter your driver details.

Hiring a car with Wiber including One Way Fees

Most of the vehicle brands we work with allow you to collect the vehicle in one location and drop off the vehicle at a different location. If you have selected a different drop off location for the rental, the prices displayed on the website include all additional fees for this. You'll also see a full breakdown of all additional fees on the payment page.

Hiring a car with Wiber including One Way Fees

Renting a Car With Wiber including Free Cancellation

Renting a Car With Wiber including Free Cancellation

All of the rentals we list on our website include free cancellation. This means that you can cancel your car hire with a full refund anytime until 48 hours before picking up the car.

If you have purchased the Essential Cover product to cover the car rental excess, you can cancel this and receive a full refund anytime up until the rental collection time( as printed on your rental confirmation email).

All refunds are processed by us in less than 24 hours. If you cancel the rental, this means that the money will be in your account in 7 days.

Wiber Car Hire without a credit card

You can pay for your car hire on our website using any credit or debit card, including Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We also compare car hire deals at 1000s of locations that accept a debit card on collection. You can quickly and easily find these by using the filters on the search results page or taking a look at our Premium Cover options on the extras page.

Wiber Car Hire without a credit card

Hiring a car with Wiber without an Excess Held on Your Credit Card

Hiring a car with Wiber without an Excess Held on Your Credit Card

The insurance excess is the total amount you would be required to pay if the vehicle is written off, severely damaged or stolen. The excess on hire cars can be very high. It's often between £1,000 to £2,100, depending on the car, the country and the deal. If the car is returned damaged, or it's stolen or written off, you will be required to pay some or all of the excess.

When you pick up the vehicle, the insurance excess is held on your credit card as a 'pre-auth' transaction. Pre Auth means that the amount isn't taken from your credit card as a regular payment, it's held as a pending transaction until you return the vehicle. You don't normally pay foreign currency fees on credit cards for pre authorised transactions, so provided the vehicle is dropped off in the same condition as when you collected it, this excess amount is fully refunded to your credit card without anything further to pay.

If you intend to pay for your rental by debit card, the insurance excess is taken from your account and fully refunded when the vehicle is dropped off. If you intend to use a debit card on collection, as the excess is often high, it's recommended to buy Premium Cover when you book or to pay for top up insurance at the rental desk.

To view car hire options with a £0 or reduced excess review our Premium Cover rental options.

Wiber Car Hire with Cross Border Fees Included

If you want to collect your rental and drive it over the border into a different country, you should always check the terms and conditions. Many car hire brands insist that you let them know on collection; and usually charge extra fees to top up your insurance. If you do not let them know, it's possible that your rental will not be insured when you cross over into a different country.

You can find the information relating to cross border charges and fees by clicking Rental terms and viewing the Cross Border Rules section.

If you're struggling to find the cross border terms and conditions for your car hire get in touch with one of our car rental advisors and they'll be happy to help.

Wiber Car Hire with Cross Border Fees Included

How to rent a car with Wiber including Unlimited Mileage

How to rent a car with Wiber including Unlimited Mileage

Our website offers both unlimited and limited mileage rental.

Limited mileage rentals are often a cheaper option than unlimited. For limited mileage rentals, the mileage limit is always clearly visibile. If you choose a rental including limited mileage, you will be liable to pay an additional fee if you exceed the daily mileage allowance. The mileage allowance for the rental is calculated as (the number of hire days X the daily allowance). You don't have to remain within the daily allowance on every day, provided that the total miles used throughout the rental doesn't exceed the number of days X the daily limit.

When you choose a limited mileage car hire, it's receommended to check the fees for excess mileage. These can be found in our T&Cs section. You can also use the filters on our website to display car hire including unlimited mileage which can save you money if you're planning a longer trip

Making a car rental booking with Wiber on our website

We strive to be the best car hire website around so that you know when you book with us you're getting the best price, value and service.

All of the deals on our website include all charges including anything that you're required to pay when you collect the car, including (but not limited to) local taxes, child seats and senior driver fees.

When searching on our website for your rental, information you'll need includes:

  1. Car hire & pickup location
  2. Pick-up & drop-off date
  3. Pick-up time and drop-off time
  4. The drivers age

To begin your stress free booking process, simply head to our homepage and input your locations and dates then in just seconds we'll bring up some great value deals based on your information.

Once your booking has been made, managing it couldn't be more straightforward, you'll receive a booking reference which can be used, along with your email address, to check the status of your booking including prices and payments.

Renting a car, let along booking a holiday, can be a stressful, costly, experience which is why our clever car hire matching technology will find you your perfect hire car at your dream price.

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